Is it noble or weak to fall into sex work?

I crashed the company car today. No. Really.

This is 100% true. It has close to a grand excess and guess who pays that?

I do.

I don’t have over a grand, in fact my account is in the minus thanks to an over excessive December and having some overheads in Jan that I wouldn’t normally. I.e having to buy a bed because the last one broke when I chained someone to it and fucked them so hard that it distorted the metal causing a chain reaction and soon the slats broke.

So, yeah, a grand is slightly more than I can necessarily afford. I also owe my girlfriend 200 pounds and my housemate 160 – sadly I do not have a drug addiction. I’m just really irresponsible with money. I love to DO things. As my Dad frequently accuses me – of living hedonistically in general.

I’ve come to the realisation that stripping does not support me when I have a full time job and can only work one day a week.

My day job obviously doesn’t support me because nobody’s does. People only have regular incomes so that they can be in debt and add to an ever crumbling dividends market with mortgages, hire purchase kitchen sets and a credit card in order to create invisible money which if never materialised sinks the whole fucking ship in a hole.

Anyway, that is me but luckily my lenders won’t charge me a fucking tenner a day for it.

So, the choice is – do I become a whore?

Is this me supporting myself and being brave6a013485f24774970c01761763aa78970c enough to accept that I can’t support myself without it or is this me resigning and not agreeing to power through by living on oatmeal for a month like most people do?

I don’t know.

Is allowing men (predominantly) to fuck me for money, a rejection of feminist ideals or embracing that as an adult, this a decision that is my free right and speaking against BS articles like this:

Will I be able to simply see this as a journalistic exercise which also happen to help with my sinking hole or not?

I guess we’ll find out because I definitely don’t think that I can eat oatmeal for a month so…

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