Losing my work virginity

Some time ago, I signed up to an escort site, more to try it out and find out what it was like than because I really wanted or desperately needed to. However, a few months after that, I lost my muggle day job and my car was re-possessed and I could no longer strip in the club I was working in before. This added an air of desperation to my escorting.

I ramped up the heat on my profile and tried to entice some more interest. Although, I talk a lot about sex work, I have actually never had PinV paid sex. I have screwed a dildo into someone’s ass, I have spanked someone until they had bruises, I’ve lap danced someone into cumming in their own pants and I’ve had candle wax dropped over my naked body (largely in my belly button) for money but I have yet to have basic, ol’ fashioned missionary style sex.


The whore and I had an interesting conversation recently about how the different quarters of sex work treat and judge each other so harshly. For example, strippers will be staunchly against getting paid for touching genitals, BDSM professionals who have no penetrative sex will judge escorts and women who work for agencies or brothels will judge ‘kerb crawlers’. We’ve always felt that this was unfair and increasingly, the push for destigmatisation and decriminalisation has meant that more sex workers are pulling together in a push for intersectionality than trying to tear each other apart.

Anyway, my point is, my brain has had a sort of perceived mental block around having penetrative sex, allowing someone’s jolly roger into my sea cave, putting the sausage in the bun and other such things. And yet, increasing desperation led to this conversation this morning:

Client: Morning gorgeous, are you free today?

Me: Yes, what time and what would you like?

Client: 2pm and just standard GFE (girlfriend experience)

Me: Great.

That’s it. In approximately 90 minutes, I’ll lose my work virginity. I guess I better get the champers in.

3 thoughts on “Losing my work virginity

      1. I am Kind of happy for you because you didn’t seem ‘ready’, but I guess it will happen someday 😉


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